25. Februar 2013 EU-Ukraine-Summit


Ukraine's leadership frittering away chances for closer relations

"Instead of finally strengthening the rule of law, the situation is deteriorating. The new charges against Yulia Tymoshenko are a further indictment of the situation, as are the threats to arrest her lawyer. The pressure on the remaining independent media is growing at a disturbing rate. Under these conditions, the EU clearly cannot conclude an association agreement with Ukraine."

"The Ukrainian political leadership must first demonstrate the will to implement the necessary reforms, if it is to prove it actually agrees to and will abide with the content of an association agreement. These minimal requirements, such as on the rule of law and freedom of expression, must remain fundamental preconditions for closer relations with the EU.

"The EU must help the Ukraine to become less dependent on Russia through energy cooperation and support for the modernisation of the infrastructure. The EU should also conclude a basic visa regime to enable more freedom and exchange between the Ukraine and the EU."